nomy. the app that
helps you spend with
more purpose.

Supporting the communities that matter
to us is more important than ever.

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community spend
See if you’re spending in the ways
that you care about. Ecofashion,
local, black owned; dig a little

Understand your spending habits. See the trends and how your spend changes month to month.

saving stacks
We’ll work out when you can save without feeling the pinch and automatically save it for you. Or start your own saving stack.

my money
Connect your different accounts to see all your money in one place.

get to know your money.
with nomy.

how it works

connect your accounts
Openbanking lets you connect your accounts to nomy securely.

time for nomy magic
Taking a look at your transactions allows us to build a picture of your spending. See where and how you spend, day-to-day and over time.

looking a deeper
Use our community spend tool to find out if your spend supports the communities you care about. Start a saving stack and save towards something.

why signing up helps us

pledging your interest helps us
By signing up to the waitlist you demonstrate demand for nomy. This really helps us to secure the funding we need from investors to get nomy off the ground.

early bird benefits
Get a first look into great features we have planned. Be the first to access nomy at launch. You could even become a beta tester if you want! plus some great giveaways!

spread the word
When signing up to the waitlist, you will get a referral link that we would love you to share. Encourage others to take more notice in how they spend money.

join the mailing list

empower your money.

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope
will help you answer some of the more common ones.

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